Friday, May 30, 2008

My Sweet Moment In Program Jati Diri

Assalamualaikum and Guten Tag.

"Actually anything happen to us called experience. It is the most useful knowledge for us"
That was Sis Fat said to us.

It held in February 2008. This time was full with sweet and bitter memory.

For the first day, we as the organizer was very nervous because this program one day after exam so we did not make a perfect preparation.

When the program had started, first we do 'ice breaking' for them to know each other closely. We also make energizer for them to make the situation become happening and release tension.

After that we divide 0812 guys into ten group. As a CEO, I can't have a group. It really hard for me to accept it!

Luckily, my facilitator, Afiq a.k.a Figu absent on that day, so I had replaced for him with Aina Munirah.
I really happy because I got same group with my beloved brothers. The picture above is my temporary group. It called Meow Team. The theme for this program is Animal Kingdom.

Many things we did together also with another groups and their facilitators. In night we do
Night Walk for them. This activity tested a spirit of each competitor either they are strong or weak.

Unfortunately, Najib Meow's group can't joined it cause of his eyes. He just looking from Pagoda.
What i proud is the leader of this group is Faris who very strong. He recognize my voice but not my hand, very funny! When I hold his hand, he push back. I weird is Afiq, his faci hold his hand while the game started. After that, when Afiq release his hand, Faris and group stopped. After awhile, Afiq get his hand back, Faris push, sad he did not recognize Afiq.

Other faci had scaring other competitor, I use my wind voice to scare them and it effect on them.
Each faci brought them to Taman Rashida Utama, track for this activity. This activity showed who strong and who weak. Statistic showed that more than 30 boys got fever. Maybe it was caused by water that we had used. I'm very pity for them. Some of them like it and some of them contrast with that.

At the last of Night Walk, each contestant opened their eyed close, then the leaders take a bowl of mixed of floor, egg an water. They must put it to each member of a group. Anyway, Facilitators joined them too. My face full with it, my team job but never mind, I love them.

Another extreme game was Explorace. This activity need them to face all of resistance provided.This game told them how to co-operate with other in a group. This game same with Night Walk cause we have WATER again.

My team and I very weird. You know why? Our thinking. When they got a clue they use Jalan Laut China Selatan and I use kawasan larangan way. They saw me and thought that I going to koperasi. So they went there. But for me, I wanted to see another group at koop. Then we met again there. God Al Mighty.

In this activity, 0812 guys had got our evilness. We bathed them 'lumpur', very pity. But the real pity is The 'Lumpur' that my friend used, it was dumping on me. Oh Men! Until now a dirt is not wash away! But the memory in the dirt.

At a slot of Bersamamu, a liter of tear we swimming, a heavy rain we faced it with strength.
0812 started to realize their fault to their parent, and somebody, their parent had gone.
Not enough with that, the succeed of this slot are shown with the facilitators cry too.

Actually, my friend persuade somebody cause he 'touch' him. He miss his mother very much. After that, I cried too. Oh dear, please stop crying...

Najib, he a strong boy. You must know it. He also a cheerful boy, but I can't estimate about his heart and feeling.

A yellow boy is Faris, but you can't see his face.
They are best friend. Their relation make me remember my history. Never mind.

After that facilitator with their brother and sister bersalam-salaman. Oh Dear, we love so much. please forgive us.
This activity not totally success cause of my friend who not involved come along. So our veteran PRS, settle with them. I don't know what happen. La la la..

This slot gave a deep feels to us. After that, Bro Zaki gave his useful advices to us. Please be polite with your parent. Then, they prayed 4 their parent.

Tomorrow, we had last activity, Acara Penutupan Majlis. So, 0812 sang their theme song.

Below is our family frame.

Now you will see My Truly Beloved Brothers

They always make me cheerful without they realize it. But Afiq know it. I still remember what Afiq said "Oh patutlah abang happy, sebab ade Najib kan?" other is "Ala abang ni sayang sangat adik tu." That time Faris had slept and I ask them to slow down their voice.

To any person that involve in my life, thank you so much cause you coloured my life.

p/s * sori klu grammar tunggang langgang. practice


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